Spotlight on Autumn, Team Member Extraordinaire

Spotlight on Autumn, Team Member Extraordinaire

There are so many extraordinary team members to shine the spotlight on at Bantam Industries, which is why it’s exciting when we select one we can lavish plenty of praise on in this blog. Autumn is our highlighted person due to the outstanding example she sets for everyone in our office.

Autumn recently celebrated a birthday, but that’s not all of the big news. She has a baby on the way and we are all looking forward to meeting her new little one when he or she arrives. Bantam Industries has a family-like atmosphere and we love to recognize everyone’s milestones, both personal and professional. We know that Autumn is going to continue to grow with us, as she enjoys the adventures of motherhood.

What makes someone like Autumn a superstar in our eyes? There are countless traits that follow these individuals, but a few pop right to mind:

• Flexible: Life changes fast and it’s important to respond quickly. Top-notch performers are agile and know how to change direction fast to capture great opportunities.

• Positive: People like Autumn infuse the office with a terrific energy that is infectious. They’re upbeat, supportive, and just refreshing to be around.

• Team Player: It’s not enough to care about your own goals. Real office rock stars want to see everyone succeed and will help them reach their pinnacles as well.

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