PRESS RELEASE: A Custom Bantam Industries Career Can Be Yours

PRESS RELEASE: A Custom Bantam Industries Career Can Be Yours

NASHVILLE, TN – Donny, Location Manager for Bantam Industries, announced that the firm is interviewing for entry-level positions and also for the company’s internship program. He is especially interested in speaking with recent college grads.

This is a very exciting time to join Bantam Industries, according to Donny. Thanks to increased demand for the company’s interactive marketing approach, the firm is looking for people who want a chance to express their creativity in a supportive and empowering team-oriented environment. Donny described the ideal applicant as someone who desires a career with longevity and endless growth.

There are two ways to be part of the Bantam Industries hiring initiative: the first is to join the team as an entry-level associate, while the other is to qualify for the firm’s internship program. In both scenarios, new hires receive one-to-one coaching along with access to workshops and seminars that ensure access to all the knowledge and skills a person needs for success in the dynamic marketing industry.

The thorough nature of the Bantam Industries training program makes it a perfect fit for recent college graduates, shared Donny. In fact, he prefers working with new grads because they are still in learning mode, have an eagerness to prove themselves, and feel at ease with the latest tech tools. This mix of soft skills combined with the guidance of mentors and the firm’s approach to talent development is a can’t-miss recipe for success.

How to Prepare for a Bantam Industries Interview

There are several roles open at Bantam Industries for the right candidates, but competition is pretty tough, so Donny wanted to give people some tips for making themselves more appealing to hiring managers. The first step is landing the interview, of course, which means creating an eye-catching resume that focuses on accomplishments, not just skills. For those without an extensive work history, these achievements can include major projects at school, volunteer work, or notable commendations such as Eagle or Gold Awards.

Also, it’s important to follow some basic courtesies, such as returning calls in a timely fashion, showing up for appointments 10-15 minutes early, and dressing professionally. Not only will these steps impress an interviewer, but they help prospective team members feel confident about their professionalism.

Bantam Industries is a satisfying career challenge for the right people, and Donny is looking forward to meeting with applicants in the near future. Ambitious continual learners who want to be part of a tight-knit team should apply.

About Bantam Industries:
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