Our Growth Means Lots of Opportunities

Our Growth Means Lots of Opportunities

We continue to expand Bantam Industries, Inc.’s influence by spreading into more markets. With our recent move into a new office in Nashville, we’re focused on the growth potential available to current and new team members. Donny, a Location Manager with our firm, said, “When someone joins our team, he or she has the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. We’re excited to help people reach their ceilings.”

New additions to Team Bantam Industries, Inc. get to prove themselves right out of the gate. Donny explained, “We give people hands-on guidance in every phase of our operations rather than subjecting them to outdated manuals and videos. In the process, we help our newest brand managers develop confidence and leverage their unique talents.”

Personalized coaching also makes it easier for our new hires to quickly find their footing in our competitive industry. “Our seasoned team members offer insiders’ perspectives on what it takes to sustain success,” Donny added. “With the right role models in place, our brand managers can clarify their development objectives and put the most effective strategies into action.”

Our ongoing expansion means promotions are available for those who show commitment to reaching their goals. We promote based on merit, so our people know what they need to reach the next levels of their careers.

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