Extending the Holidays Makes for More Fun

Extending the Holidays Makes for More Fun

Okay, we’ll admit it. Around the Bantam Industries office, we prefer to zig where others zag. We guess you can consider this a template for our company’s innovation and ensuing success. Our most recent example of doing something clearly out of the ordinary was our Christmas in January holiday party.

What was our thought process regarding extending the season? For starters, we recognized that many members of Team Bantam Industries had hefty schedules throughout December. This is because the holiday sales period is one of the most critical in the sales and marketing industries. Our core business is raising visibility for brands and the products we promote, so it just makes sense that when people are searching for the perfect gift, we need to be available.

But, alas, we didn’t want to miss out on this key celebration, so we decided to make merry as we kicked off the new year! Our Christmas in January event was a rousing success. Not only were we able to gather our team for a fun-filled evening, but we all enjoyed opening some presents that didn’t make it under the tree. Our Bad Santa gift exchange drew laughter across the board as everyone went home with something unique.

Then there were the really big gifts that a few special people received. Tacomas won a trip to Newport Beach, California, where he’ll spend a weekend cruising on a yacht. Meanwhile, Sierra was the recipient of a 55-inch TV.

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