Exciting News for Those Seeking a Career Change in 2019

Exciting News for Those Seeking a Career Change in 2019

We have very exciting news to begin 2019 with: Bantam Industries is hiring! We’re looking for career-oriented people with a passion for continual learning, strong work ethics, and the desire to grow. We know the coming year will be an incredible one, and we need to keep up with the increasing demand for our sales and marketing strategies.

In return, we have a number of perks that make us a premier career choice. To start, we provide new team members with access to all the knowledge and skills they need for success in our industry through a thorough training program. We welcome diverse backgrounds and learning styles, so we offer many educational formats, including one-to-one coaching, workshops, and seminars.

Once brand experts have shown mastery of the roles they occupy, they earn the right to be promoted into a Bantam Industries leadership position. We find that the best managers come from within because they already understand our work and can share their first-hand experience with the next group of new team members.

Another enticing incentive is our travel program. We offer chances throughout the year for people to cross-train with other offices, explore markets for potential expansion, and even spend weekends in exotic locales.

All this and nearly unlimited income potential as well. To learn more about joining our team, check out our Bantam Industries Newswire feed.