In-Depth Training and Clear Advancement Policies

In-Depth Training and Clear Advancement Policies

When we bring in new additions to Team Bantam Industries, Inc., we don’t waste time with the manuals and videos of years gone by. Instead, we use an immersive approach to give people the full view of our methods from day one. Donny, our Location Manager, stated, “Every new hire benefits from being exposed to all aspects of our business. This hands-on education prepares our people to thrive no matter what roles they occupy within our firm.”

Our immersive learning approach puts our brand experts in the thick of planning outreach campaigns, targeting demographics, and creating presentations. This accelerates development and builds confidence. We also focus on administrative tasks to ensure well-rounded education.

We offer merit-based advancement, frequently promoting from within. Donny added, “Our Bantam Industries, Inc. management team started at the bottom and rose through the ranks, so they know exactly what it takes to sustain success. Their leadership is invaluable to new team members. It comes in the form of one-on-one support and honest feedback.”

Along with extensive training, we also set clear expectations for our team members. Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done to achieve winning outcomes. Just as importantly, our brand experts know what they must achieve to reach the next levels of their careers. Clear pathways to promotion ensure an engaged team.

We’re committed to inspiring the best performances from our team members. Learn more about our approaches to training and advancement by following Bantam Industries, Inc. on Twitter.