Celebrating the Season With Ice Skating and Decorating

Celebrating the Season With Ice Skating and Decorating

One of our top Bantam Industries priorities is maintaining an office environment that is supportive and empowering. In fact, our culture is one of our sharpest competitive advantages. We have several tools at our disposal for keeping our spirit of unity strong, and our favorite is team nights.

Our most recent group outing found us enjoying a seasonal activity – ice skating! It just seemed like the perfect end-of-year activity and helped to get us all even more into the holiday spirit. Along with skating, we gave our workplace a festive makeover, which was warmer but just as much fun.

These Bantam Industries events are more than just a way to let off steam. They allow us to connect with one another in a way that might not be possible during a normal busy workday. When we’re ice skating, or bowling, or having dinner together, we’re stepping outside of our office roles and responsibilities. We get to know the personal sides of our colleagues and build friendships that transcend our careers.

This brings heightened levels of communication and camaraderie to our office that keeps different team leaders and departments working together smoothly and efficiently. We get more done in less time with better quality results because we’re united in all we do.

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