How to Bring Your A-Game to an Interview

How to Bring Your A-Game to an Interview

As a company that enjoys consistent growth, we know how important it is for candidates to make the best impressions possible when interviewing. We look forward to adding bright young talent to Team Bantam Industries, and would like to offer these interview tips to those considering a career with our firm:

• Find Out About Us: When a Bantam Industries applicant sits down with one of our hiring managers, we expect them to already have a good idea of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. All of this information is readily available online. We recommend spending at least two to three hours on our website, reviewing our blogs and social media feeds, and even looking up our company leaders on LinkedIn.

• Prepare Answers: There are interview questions that almost always show up in one form or another and knowing how to address them before the meeting helps applicants relax. A quick internet search on “Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them” is a good place to start.

• Prepare Questions: We’re especially impressed with potential hires that bring a few questions of their own to the interview. One of our favorites is “What does success in this position look like after 90 days?” It shows the applicant is a forward thinker that wants a clear path to success from day one.

Following these tips before going to an interview ensures that you’ll walk in with confidence. Follow Bantam Industries on Twitter for more of our preparation strategies.