Our Best Tips for Overcoming Career Hurdles

Our Best Tips for Overcoming Career Hurdles

Around the Bantam Industries office, we believe growth happens outside of our comfort zones and that success comes with challenges. If a goal is worth attaining, we believe that it won’t come easy. Through our experiences, we’ve found that every hurdle brings a bigger opportunity for improvement. Here are a few strategies we use when we meet resistance in our career pursuits:

• Focus on the Positives: This is good advice in any situation, but especially when we bump up against a major obstacle. We find reasons to appreciate wherever we are in our goal-achievement efforts. The more we focus on the positive, the more likely we are to gain useful lessons that will help us succeed in the long run.

• Keep a Journal: It’s helpful to write down what we’re feeling when we meet an unexpected hurdle. Putting pen to paper has a way of separating ourselves from the impact of any negative experience. In other words, we don’t feel as strongly about what went wrong; we give ourselves motivation to get them right the next time.

• Think About Past Successes: When we meet resistance in our Bantam Industries projects, we think back to moments when we had supreme confidence in ourselves. With these thoughts leading the way, it’s easy to get back on the right track.

These are a few strategies we’ve found useful in clearing career hurdles. Follow Bantam Industries on Twitter for more of our best success tips.