Bantam Industries’ Tips for Great First Impressions

At Bantam Industries, we know how crucial it is to make a powerful first impression. This doesn’t just apply to job interviews, however – it’s an important aspect of relationship building, both when it comes to professional networking and even our personal lives. Over the years, we’ve come to rely on a few key pieces of advice when it comes to making those first moments with a new colleague or connection great.

Nailing eye contact is something our Bantam Industries leaders recommend. The ability to make appropriate eye contact with others helps you connect. It also shows your conversation partner that you’re both interested and confident, making it more likely that they’ll want to follow up with you.

Another thing to hone is the way you speak. If the cadence of your conversation is overly fast and loud, you might come off like a pushy salesperson – an impression nobody wants to leave! However, speaking too slowly while inflecting each sentence as if it were a question is another deal breaker. Practice talking in front of a mirror until your voice is level and smooth.

The next time you meet with someone, our people at Bantam Industries also suggest that you keep close tabs on the amount of warmth you display in your initial interaction. Again, this is a matter of degrees – too bubbly and effusive, and you may come off as less than intelligent. Too cold and standoffish, and others may not consider you a likely candidate for connection. Focus on engagement!

How do you ensure your first impression is an excellent one? Let us know!