Bantam Industries’ Positive Job Interview Signs

Bantam Industries’ Positive Job Interview Signs

What signs are indicative that your job interview might be successful? As our Bantam Industries team advises, there are some tell-tale behaviors that you’re at minimum in contention for a possible employment offer.

The biggest cues might be the nonverbal signs the interviewer is projecting. If he or she is smiling broadly, our Bantam Industries experts propose this can be construed as positive. It suggests that you are answering the presented questions in a manner that aligns with what he or she wants from someone in the role.

The time spent with you is another indication of the interview’s success. Do you stay in just the interview room or are you given a tour of the offices? Is the interview time extended beyond the original scheduled time? Is there a lot of lingering when you say your goodbyes? As our Bantam Industries managers state, hiring managers will not spend additional time with candidates who are not meeting their expectations.

Another key to look for is whether or not the interviewer is making an effort to sell you on the company, such as benefits or perks. The same applies if he or she starts speaking to you in terms of what you will be doing vs. what you would be doing. The former is a sign he or she already sees you in the role.

While these practices are not guarantees of employment, they’re certainly reasons to maintain a positive outlook on this opportunity.