How Bantam Industries’ People Project Confidence

Confidence is key, whether you’re giving a presentation or attending a networking event. We at Bantam Industries don’t think of confidence as an innate ability – instead, it’s something that can be practiced and improved! Here are some of the strategies we use to project confident attitudes in a variety of situations:

  • Have a Goal in Mind: Our Bantam Industries experts recommend setting a goal before you walk into an industry event or a meeting. Then, when it’s time to speak about your goal to other attendees, use the rule of threes. Have three bullet points planned about what you hope to achieve and the steps you’ll take to get there.
  • Rehearse With a Mirror: One way to increase confidence is to prepare well in advance, and that means looking yourself directly in the eye using your favorite mirror. Give your presentation or opening pitch as many times as it takes to sound positive and in control. This is a technique many of us at Bantam Industries use often!
  • Don’t Mumble: It’s essential to eliminate phrases that couch your ideas or feelings in doubt, such as, “In my opinion.” Speak clearly, with good enunciation, and have absolute confidence in what you’re presenting.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to an aura of confidence, and we’re excited to share our strategies with you. Share your favorite tips in the comments!