Bantam Industries on Diverse Views in Teams

Bantam Industries on Diverse Views in Teams

It would be a pretty boring world if we all saw things the same way. While there might be less conflict, there would also be less innovation. As our Bantam Industries managers note, teams actually function best when not everyone agrees. In particular, managers need people who can disagree with them and challenge their ideas. Let’s explore why this is important.

As a manager, having a lot of yes people might seem great. However, our Bantam Industries professionals suggest that oftentimes firms suffer when there is continual consensus. Key mistakes in a project might be overlooked. Opportunities for improvement are often bypassed when everyone rubber stamps an OK on projects.

On the contrary, our Bantam Industries experts state that people who bring diverse perspectives often add input that brings a good project to an exceptional completion. They add value to the conversation by seeing things from a different point of view that a team mired by groupthink might not envision. For a manager, this can be a solid gold opportunity to edge the competition.

Therefore, encourage your team to provide input and challenge the status quo. Let them know that you welcome fresh ideas and contrary opinions. Constructive feedback ensures that efforts are headed in the right direction.

In other words, don’t scoff at the devil’s advocates. Instead, embrace their voices, as they can add to real innovation.